Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Play Time is Over

So we are in the final hours leading up the race. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors and supporters:
  • Infinit
  • Lone Wolf Cycling
  • The Sufferfest
  • ESI Grips
  • Dirtwire TV
  • Chris Eatough Training
  • Backcountry Research
  • DZ Nuts
  • Biofreeze
  • Mid Atlantic Timing
  • Endless Bike Company
  • ProGold Mfr.
  • BRO: Beard Rejuvenating Oil
  • Jennifer Carlson Photography
We will be at the park at 5:00am ready for action. Registration begins as soon as our first arrival gets there. You will have plenty of time to set up your "pits" after checking in.

There will be a pre-race meeting at 8:30am in the transition/pit area as usual.


You will have a 1/2 mile of fast pavement before the holeshot into the singletrack. If you are feeling racy that day, get up there. There is a prize awaiting the first doggie into the woods.

There is room to pass on the singletrack. Be aware of the leaf litter and what hides beneath it. Be careful!
If you are overtaking a racer make your intentions known verbally and be sportsmanlike. If you are being overtaken, treat the passing racer with respect too please.

Be advised that there is a paved road (park entrance road) that you will cross once during each lap. Please use caution crossing as there may be cars coming and going.

There will most likely be many Boy Scouts in the park and possibly on the trails during the race. Please remember these are kids and be courteous. They look forward to watching the race every year.

Whatever your hydration and nutrition needs are, be sure to bring all that you'll need with you. The park is winterized and has no running water available. We will be providing a water stop at the transition area.

Suffolk County Parks do not allow alcohol.

There will be beef & vegetarian chili served post race, starting at 3:00 pm. Please refrain from acting like a savage and eating 10 bowls. There will be racers in the woods past 4:00 pm. We need to have food available for everyone. We don't like the idea of food tickets. Help us keep it simple. Got that, Damien Talese?

Pro racers! Tell your pro friends to come race you! They may sign up day of. We are not stingy with prize money. We treat both sexes equally horrible:
  • 1st place Pro Open: $750
  • 2nd place Pro Open: $500
  • 3rd place Pro Open: $250
Jennifer Carlson will be shooting the race throughout the day and the awards ceremony. All photos will be posted to be shared and downloaded for free.

The weather looks favorable and the trails are dry going into the race. It will be chilly though. Dress accordingly.

Who will make the holeshot?
Who will cross the line at 5:59:59 to get that last lap in?
Who will complete 9 laps?
Who will turn the fastest lap time?
Who will be the lanterne rouge?

As always, we vow to try to wow you with this event and leave you dying to return next year. We hope your season has lead you here in race form and ready to rock. We love being on this side of the race to watch you all.

With the niceties out of the way, get your houses in order.

Play time is over.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Transfers / Category Changes

Less than a week for transfers and category changes! 10/8/14 @ 12pm - no more bets.

Keep an eye on the Facebook Group for available transfers or to unload your spot.

If you need to make a category change, get on it!


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2014 Triple Crown Tour of Long Island

Sunday October 19th

Time to mark your calendars for the 8th Annual Triple Crown!!!!

Come on down to ride Glacier Ridge, Rocky Point and Cathedral Pines all in the same day!!

This is not a race, but a friendly gathering of folks from home and abroad joining forces to put in some saddle time and experience 3 of our trails here on the island. If you are racing the 6 Hours of CP race this November, this is great training and for the "out of towners" it is a great way to familiarize your self with Cathedral Pines.

You have plenty of options on this ride and riders of all abilities are encouraged to come have some fun..........

There will be a group, led by me, that will meet at CP lower lot at 7:00am and ride the road over to GR, do the loop, then on to RP, do the loop and finally back to CP to complete the loop there. Finally, we will head to the Mill House in Yaphank for lunch and refreshments. (Total Mileage: 60-65 miles)

The other riders will form sub groups and ride at whatever pace they like and drive from trail to trail and the end of each loop. A rider will be leading the caravan of cars to each trail. (Total Mileage: 45 miles)

The rules of the day are that we will meet at each trailhead and not begin the loop until all riders are present. Once a trail is completed we will wait in the lot for all riders to finish up, at which time the "road riders" will move on to the next trail. The "driving riders" will meet us at the next trail and so on.

We will be providing fruit, cookies, snacks and water at each trailhead at the beginning and end of each loop.

This event is being brought to you by Something Wicked Events LTD. We had to charge an entry fee as to purchase an insurance policy in order to hold the event. The additional money raised will be donated to CLIMB to be used specifically at the Rocky Point trail system. This money will be used for future trail projects, maintenance, signage and tools/materials.

All traffic law will be adhered to while traveling on the roads between trails!!!

Here is a loose itinerary for the day:

  • 645am: Road Riders meet at CP lower lot and check in at registration.
  • 700am: Depart CP on bikes and head to GR
  • 730am: Loop at GR with entire group once all riders starting from GR have checked in.
  • 945am: Depart from GR and head to RP
  • 1015am: Loop at RP
  • 1215pm: Depart RP and head to CP
  • 1245pm: Loop at CP
  • 200pm: Mill House

Of course these times are a guess and by no means should be taken as cut offs. All riders will be given ample time to finish their loops.

Rain cancels this event, as does rain from the previous night.



This ride is pre-registration only and is capped at 125.
Get yo spots while they last.

For what it's worth, the insurance policy was purchased for a total of 125 participants.
If we allow walk ups on the day of the event, there may be people turned away.

This will also speed things up in the morning so we can get rolling.

All riders will need to sign a waiver and get a wrist band. If you are starting at GR there will be a registration table for you.

All the road riders will have Jeff there the morning of to get you signed in.

Thanks all!!

Register here on or after 9/30/14:

♥ sWe

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Registration Closed

Three days earlier than last year; we've hit the 300 mark and registration is now closed.

There is no waitlist - check the FaceBook Group for racers looking to sell their entries.

Pro racers are able to register Day-Of.

Entry Transfers
People looking to purchase a transfer have to take care of that through BikeReg. Visit the site and purchase a $10 transfer. Purchaser will need to know the seller's full name and BikeReg confirmation number. Once we get the notification from BikeReg, we make the change on our end. Categories are irrelevant.

The transfers will be able to be purchased up until noon on 10/8/14.


At this very moment, there are only 10 spots left open for this year's race. Don't wait another minute! If you're thinking about racing...register NOW!

Once it close, it closes and there ain't a damn thing we can do...


follow me...................


♥ sWe

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ready. Set. Go!

It's open!!!


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

OK, you animals!!!

It's that time again. Registration opens at high noon on 5/1 as always!

Who is going to be the first victim this time??

As usuall, this race is pre-registratrion only. We are capping at 300 as to continue to be able to focus our undivided attention on your suffering.

We plan to continue on with our traditional methods of beat down for your torturous pleasure:

There will be nice cash purses to the Pro categories.
There will be post race food.
There will be pain & agony.
There will be music.
There will be humans outdoing themselves.

Who's ready to race?

FOLLOW ME.......................