2009 Event Flyer

Racer Commentary:

"Excellent job by all. Thanks to everyone for putting on this event. It was truely AMAZING!!!"

"Amazing job by all the race organizers, if I hadn't known it was the 1st time they were doing this I would've thought they were old pros at race directing. Great job! Can't wait till next year!!"

"One of the best days of my life. The personal challenge, the experience, and just too much fun.....I have to do it again."

"Awesome Race!!!! A shout out to the organizers....You guys were awesome!!! Probably the largest race I have ever been in and it was by far the smoothest run...Great Job!! Judging by the turnout...I think it is time that we have more MTN bike races right here on LI...Great Job Everyone!!!"

"Best event I ever raced in! Thank you! Jeff, Jody and Chauncy nailed it! Great guys, good friends, excellent event. When is the next one?"

"This was a great race day at Cathedral Pines. I am really impressed with how this event turned out and I can’t believe how organized it was. This was so impressive and professional."

"The event was incredible, from its organization to its execution throughout the entire day."

"A huge thank you to the organizers and volunteers of this race. It was awesome to finally have an endurance race to participate in that we didn't have to drive to another state."

"....many many thanks to the "Cadre" for putting together a top notch event. Wouldnt change one thing about this, many more established events can learn a thing or two from these guys and gals!"

"I got three words for yesterday, Ow ow ow. I loved it though."

"Sick Schwag! Pleease keep it coming!"

"...this was my first endurance race also, I would like to thank all who were involved setting it up . It was an outstanding introduction to this type of race!"

"There is so much good stuff here..! That Leadville movie ain't got nuthin' on us..."

"Something Wicked ... priceless!"