2010 Event Flyer

Racer Commentary:

"that was a great event. for an endurance race the course was perfect. nice and flat and fast."

"I will 100% be back next year. I'm also gonna talk my homies into doing it."

"This was a very well run event. I had a great time and raced a good race. More later...I love the breakdowns!"

"Tough race... for my butt especially  The course was great and the race was well organized. Although I didn't like the mass start."

"Wow...love the break down on the lap speed and time."

"A great race all around. Very well run by very cool people. All the racers were very courteous, both in passing and being passed. CP will be on my must do list every year from now on."

"Congrats to all the participants and thanks to the organizers. This race is a nice end of the year endurance event to keep a training focus in the fall weather before some holiday downtime."

"CP is a great place to stage an endurance race, the course was not technical but not boring...it had good flow. Well run event and certainly going to be on my calendar for next year."

"6HCP definitely met my expectations of being a good time. The venue, the course and the promoters were wicked and the event was run smoothly. Even the parking set up was brilliant. Our cars were parked along the perimeter course. This way every one could set up their own car-side pit area. Oh, and electronic scoring! Awesome! I'll be back next year for sure. A super fun race to end MTB season."

"Killer event, SWE did and awesome job with the layout of everything and thanks for investing in electronic timing!"

"I'll be back next year but I'll make sure to train for it. Weekend rides just don't cut it."

"Hi Guys, Awesome event, killer course just wanted to say thanks. We will be back next year!"

"Wicked events, What a great event! had a great time and it was set up perfectly. Thank you for putting on such a great day."

"Hi Thanks for the great day. Easy check in, well marked trail,cool shirt & glass, and a great experiance."

"Great job on the race!!! Course was wicked fun and in great conditions."

"Just wanted to thank you for a great event on Saturday at Cathedral Pines, looking forward to next year."

"I had my best race of the year!!! I also had so much fun , your trail system is fantastic. Thanks for all your efforts. A really professional job was evident."

"Thanks for a great day guys!  Really had a blast. 
Get ready for a quick sell-out next year."

"Just want to say what a great race on Saturday THANK YOU !!"

"Hey guys - Just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for the fantastic event you put on last weekend. What really struck me was how supportive everyone at the event was -- not just for their own friend or family member, but for every rider who went by. I travel quite a bit to race each season -- this year alone, I've raced everywhere from upstate New York to western Ohio to Southern Virginia. I was a little burnt out and fighting off a bit of a cold, so I wasn't exactly in peak mood to race, but the atmosphere and support at your event really made all of that go out the window. I got the opportunity to meet some really nice people both on the course and spectating in the pit areas. And because of that I was able to really enjoy every aspect of the ride on a day when it could have easily been really difficult to pedal for six hours. I had a great time and I will be back next year! Thanks again!"