Sunday, October 24, 2010

Notes Regarding Camping & USAC Categories

Important reminder regarding camping at Suffolk County Parks, Cathedral Pines.

We've had a few inquiries regarding overnight camping, tenting, recreational vehicles, and pop-up trailers on the event field.

There is absolutely no tent camping at this facility after November 1st, the parks department will make no exceptions.
RV's, Trailers, and Pop-Ups are not permitted on the race field.

This facility will be winterized at the time of the race.
Water, electrical, waste, showers, and grounds restrooms will not be available (there will be porta lavs for racers).

Camping is permitted for completely SELF CONTAINED/SUPPORTED Recreational Vehicles ONLY!
Camping fees are the sole responsibility of the individual(s) wishing to overnight.
Camping fees are paid directly to the Suffolk County Parks Department.

All camping arrangements must be made directly with Cathedral Pines - Suffolk County Parks : 631.852.5500

Something Wicked Events, LLC is in no way involved with securing, reserving, or making any other camping arrangements.

We are adhering strictly to USAC rules. There will be USAC official(s) at our race. To avoid any misunderstandings race day..... To compete as CAT 1 you MUST hold a CAT 1 license and present it at check in. You CANNOT "elect" to race CAT 1.

For a racer to become CAT 1 they must:
- Race CAT 2 and finish top 5 in 5 races and REQUEST an upgrade from USAC.
- Submit a resume to USAC and request an upgrade based on race history.

We love you all, but be advised there will be no favors or "looking the other way" at the race.

We take USAC very seriously are looking to follow all rules which are available to everyone to peruse here

There will be Pro racers competing and they, as well as all others, certainly want all race information submitted to USAC to be accurate and within the scope of the rulebook.

Looking forward to all the pain you are sure to endure. Hell Awaits..........

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.