Wednesday, September 4, 2019


With this being the 10 year anniversary of Something Wicked Events, we have decided to "Seinfeld" the race and retire it after this cycle. We have watched many things happen during this campaign and saw folks achieve some great things. We have also had our share of sadness and loss as well. You all play a part in that and we are happy to have been there to witness it all.

Many of us have had our children grow up watching this race and then toeing the start line themselves. We have created a great, extended family and look forward to the reunion every year. Lots of talent comes from Long Island and we love to give it all a venue to showcase it.

This is a call to arms to everyone who has raced SW6 or plans to. Whether this is your potential first time, your return from a hiatus or you are a loyal repeat offender, we request your presence at this last race to properly add it to the annals of history and be amongst those who will scribe it.

We have increased the registration capacity to 400 this time and will be allowing day of racers in all classes. Be advised that the day of fee will be higher than the preregistration fee by $20 and may not guarantee a "special edition" tee shirt or pint glass. Get in there early!

We look forward to getting medieval on you all one last time. Get your houses in order, play time is over.

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