Monday, November 21, 2011

Something Wicked 2011

Well, we are through another cycle of the race and we are amped from all the positive feedback! We are always trying to outdo ourselves from last year and will continue to attempt to. We have fine tuned some things that work and added some new features this year. We hope you all had as much fun as we did!

We would like to thank all who helped out; our wives and girlfriends, the volunteers and the companies who supplied us with products.

A special shout out to Trail Patrol, who performed flawlessly all day. They were put through their paces yesterday as most of you know. We had a serious injury early in the day. All of us have that racer in our thoughts and prayers. Trail Patrol has an outstanding relationship with us at SWE and we look forward to many years of working together.

Nikita of Just Finish Timing also, once again did an incredible job. There were so few errors to correct we were able to get the awards ceremony going very quickly. Thank you to Nikita and his lovely assistant!

The post race chili was a hit once again and can be expected to be there again next year!

Huge thanks to James Huddleston for the burn barrel. I know everyome appreciated his handiwork as well as the warmth of the fire.

We are pleased to report that park is in a better, cleaner state than it was found in. ALL trash and course markings are gone, including all visible nonrace trash. Thanks to all racers for keeping the trail virtually litter free.

Thank you to Corey and the rest of Davidson Electronics for loaning us the PA system!

Thanks to our friend Rich Squillace (SS Rich) for his hard work in keeping CP the gem that it is.

Thank you to Scott Rath for representing Cadre in the race and hammering it out ALL DAY. We love you brother and you are a perfect fit in this family. We now have a dog in the fight. PGLC.

We would like to wish Jim Sivec good luck on his relocation to the south. He is a strong competitor that we've raced against all over the east coast and we will miss him dearly. A true gentleman. Congratulations on your 1st place W with Rob in the Male Duo class!


It is 5:59:45 as Rob DeDora emerges from the woods to close out lap #7. He has 15 seconds to cross the field and go over the timing mat, some 600-700 feet away, to begin his final lap. We are SCREAMING at him to fight the crazy cross wind and turn it on. Every spectator has their eyes on Rob and are cheering him on. The guy crosses the mat at exactly 6:00:00 and begins an eighth lap. It was worth standing there all day just to witness those 15 seconds. UNBELIEVABLE effort Rob! You have had a great season in 2011 with your upgrade to Cat1 in the XC races. Proud to have you on the home team!

Lastly, we thank all of the racers for joining us. We Cadre racers spend a lot of time training and racing ourselves all year and it's a nice change to view this from the other side. We are proud to know you all! To all the endurance first timers; welcome to the family and the addiction! Many, many racers outdid themselves yesterday and we have the pictures to prove it!

That's all for now Wicked folks. Keep you noses to the grindstone and keep training, we love you all. Be careful out there and watch your backs next Fall when Something Wicked this way comes.